New favourite jeans, and a new year

Well thank god that’s over.  I’m not a big fan of Christmas and all its attendant nonsense.  I like the fact that I get two weeks off work, and that snacking all day and lazing around in your jammies are practically compulsory, but most of the rest of the festive season leaves me longing for January.  My husband Mark finds it all incredibly difficult as well for personal reasons, and in general for those of us with less than stable mental health it’s more than a bit overwhelming.  In general the best thing about this week is the knowledge that there’s a whole 50 weeks until next Christmas……

So on with the new year then.  I actually finished my second pair of Ginger jeans a month ago, and I’ve been wearing them almost non-stop ever since….


For this pair, I managed to get some heavier-weight denim so I could make View A, the lower-rise, straight leg option.  This was the version that caught my eye when I first saw the pattern and is pretty much my ideal pair of jeans.  I made a few other changes from my first pair as well –

– I sewed a straight size 12 for these.  They were a little snug when I tacked them and tried them on, so my other main change was to use a 10mm seam allowance rather than 15mm.  I was a bit of a doofus and forgot that the length of the back legs would be longer than the front if I used the 10mm seam to attach the yokes to the back legs….but it’s not really a successful project if you haven’t had to unpick something, right?

– I also took out another 5cm of length at the knee – for my first pair I shortened the pattern at the knee by 3 cm, and then had to cut another 5 cm off the bottom when I hemmed them.  I am pretty short, not sure why I thought 3 cm would be enough!  The extra reduction in length is just about perfect for me, they’re long enough for the rare occasions when I wear heels – I never wear more than a 2-3 inch heel – but they don’t drag on the ground when I’m in flats.  Looking at that picture, the shortness of my legs appears to be entirely below the knee – I don’t think I’m this abnormally proportioned in real life, hoping it’s just the angle.

– I was feeling far too lazy to flat-fell the seams, so the trusty overlocker came out.  This also meant I managed to finish these in a weekend – including an evening fixing the printer so I could print the pdf of view A, trace it off etc etc.  I didn’t have a particularly productive weekend in terms of housework, food shopping etc though……but housework is definitely over-rated and new jeans are much better!

The fit with these is much better than my first pair, the smaller size was definitely the right decision.  These pictures were taken with the jeans fresh out of the wash, they loosen off a little after a couple of hours wear and the few lines around the crotch disappear.  The bum is a particularly good fit:

P1010031 wpid-wp-1419845281254.jpeg P1010030

Can you tell I like the bum fit?!  Excuse the fluffy pompom slippers – it was another one of those Edinburgh days for which the word ‘dreich’ was made, and I wasn’t going any further than the stair…..

For the pocket linings and waistband facing of this pair of jeans I used some spectacle print cotton I bought as a remnant in Ray Stitch a couple of years ago wpid-wp-1419845317605.jpeg  so I thought I’d stick with the specs theme and hand-embroider a pair of glasses on the back pocket.  I drew them freehand, not one of my skills, but they turned out pretty well I thought.  The middle picture above shows the embroidery pretty well – they are slightly skewiff, hopefully in a cool quirky way though……

I don’t think this will be the last pair of jeans I make from this pattern, it’s too much fun.  I’ve moved on to some other projects first though, not yet photographed.  I’ve been pondering whether to make some specific goals for 2015, there are a few techniques I’d like to try, and I think I’d like to do something like Colette’s Wardrobe Architect – I feel like reading sewing blogs for the last year or so has helped me start to define my ‘style’ – but for now I think I’ll just stick to the same new year’s resolution as I made last year.  This was simply to make the effort to try and do something creative every day – even if that was only a couple of rows of knitting, or tracing off a pattern, or even a session with my Burda magazines and stash making plans.  I pretty well stuck to this for 2014, and it made a surprisingly huge difference to my life.  I’m an accountant in real life, so not many opportunities for creativity….and in 2013 I got really bogged down in working all week and then spending the weekend trying to catch up with myself and feeling resentful that I was too tired to do anything else.  Just making sure I spent even a small amount of time during the week on fun projects, meant that I was more successful in winding down in the evenings, less tired when I got to the weekend, and I wasn’t pressurising myself to fit all my sewing and knitting into one or two days and resenting everything else that had to get done before I could sit down at the sewing machine.  It required a bit of a change in my thinking, before I think I felt that if I didn’t have time to make a significant dent in a project (which I didn’t, usually), then it wasn’t worth bothering to do anything – so I didn’t.  I’d really recommend it as a strategy if you struggle to fit creativity into your everyday life……

4 thoughts on “New favourite jeans, and a new year

  1. These look amazing!! The fit is great and very flattering on you! I love the little embroidery you did on the back pocket too!! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  2. Great jean! They look fab on you! I’m just embarking on the ginger jeans trail and am now going to make mine a smaller size, thanks for the fitting notes!! 😀

    • Thanks! I wear them all the time, they’re fab. Heather had some good fitting tips in the sewalong as well….

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