Sutton Blouse

I’ve been struggling a bit lately….was trying to think of a word to describe a lack of sew-jo but for general life….until I had a ‘duh’ moment and realised that mojo was a word long before sew-jo….Anyway, I always exhibit hermit-like tendencies when I’m not feeling that well, and interestingly enough, that seems to extend to social media as well as in person.  I have been sewing stuff though, and knitted a whole cardigan, so I have a few projects to share. Things seem to be improving now, so I thought I’d start by finally blogging this True Bias Sutton Blouse. We took these photos weeks ago, when daylight was still in short supply, and only two of them were usable – the others were very out of focus and blurry. So you get a weird looking out of the window at the rain shot, and a back shot, and that’s it I’m afraid.

The fit is pretty good – I think I cut a straight size 10 but it was a long time ago so I’m not sure…..I did trace it off though so i can check before I make it again. This is just the sort of top I like to wear – nice easy fit, with a neckline that doesn’t feel like it’s strangling me. I’ve seen a few versions out there where the neckline looks a lot narrower and higher – I wasn’t sure I’d like it as is, but it’s actually fine. The width in particular is great, I really don’t like tops that come close to touching my neck. Next time I might deepen the V slightly, but this is fine.


I really like the back of this top as well – the shoulders fit well, and I love that centre back pleat. Adds a bit of interest, gives some nice ease at the back as well.

The fabric is the same polyester crepe that I used for the Burda top. It was slightly less successful though – it really doesn’t hold a press at all, so the bias binding around the neckline doesn’t sit very well, with some weird wrinkling going on. It’s not so obvious in real life as in these photos though. The front and yoke seams, and the hem, don’t look very crisp either – again I think this is the pressing issue.

I will definitely be revisiting this top – it’s perfect for work and casual enough for the weekend as well. I have some beautiful drapey fabrics that I bought on our honeymoon in Italy in September – a chocolate brown sandwashed silk, and a pale grey viscose / linen blend crepe – and at least one of them is destined to be a Sutton blouse.