An Aurora tank

My second Seamwork make was the Aurora tank, another very summery garment, and entirely inappropriate for the cold, wet summer we’re having this year.  As I type it’s pouring with rain outside, and I had to put my warm and fluffy slippers on this eveningto prevent my feet from freezing solid.  Not exactly the weather for this:


The main fabric is a lovely, drapey, fine viscose knit from Croft Mill – they don’t seem to have it anymore – with the yoke in an ivory viscose knit with a very similar hand, from Edinburgh Fabrics.  I love this colour and the print is pretty too, but I’m not entirely sure that it’s particularly flattering on me.  It blends a bit too well with my skin colour I think…..
P1010296This is the only picture I’ve got of the back, apologies for the fact that I’m nearly out of shot and that my neighbour’s old washing machine is lurking in the stair.  You can at least see the little pleat below the yoke, and the lovely wide neckline.  I’d seen a few versions of this where the neckline looked quite high and narrow, exactly the opposite of what I like in a top, but then saw Helena‘s versions.  She lengthened the straps slightly, as well as scooping out the neckline a bit, and it looked so much more ‘me’.  I didn’t bother with scooping out the neck, but I did lengthen the straps by 1 cm (I think…).  This, combined with my short-shouldered-ness, did the trick.  Other than that I cut a straight size M and it’s just right. I really like the gathers, and where the straps sit on my shoulders.


I used a twin needle to finish the neck and armhole edges, and for the hem.  The hem has gone a bit wavy, I’ve not quite mastered this technique yet.  I think using a walking foot might help, but I’ve never quite worked out how to fit it onto my machine!  I’m sure a bit of googling would help but I have an instinctive aversion to anything in the way of a ‘how to’…..might have to overcome this though – my usual approach of just fiddling about until something works is not producing the desired result with this.


I really like the length of this too, with the slight high-low effect of the curved back hem.  All in all, a very successful little top.  Now all we need is some suitable weather and I’ll be able to wear it!  Is it wrong to contemplate going on holiday just so you can wear the summer clothes you’ve made?

5 thoughts on “An Aurora tank

  1. Oooh, nice! I like the different coloured section and the pleat at the back, and that it’s slightly lower at the back. I’m also enjoying letting your clever sewing words like ‘yoke’ and ‘hand’ and ‘twin needles’ wash over me in a wave of happy ignorance 🙂 xxx

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