Jasper Dress

This will be a short post, I’m on a Christmas-related deadline…..more on that further down…..

In the knitting world you’ll often hear people talk about being ‘process’ or ‘product’ knitters.  The former being someone who chooses projects based on the process – whether it’s wanting to knit a certain cable pattern or try a new shaping or construction method – without really caring whether it’s something they’ll wear or use.  As opposed to the latter who will identify a gap in their wardrobe, or a specific gift for someone, and find a pattern to get the product they want.  When it comes to knitting I’m definitely the former, and I’m beginning to suspect the same tendency in my dressmaking.


This dress is a case in point.  It’s the Jasper dress by Paprika Patterns which is designed for sweatshirt fabrics.  I fell in love with the look of the pattern – the princess seams, welt kangaroo pocket and that big collar with the tab.  Unfortunately I forgot ignored the fact that I get too warm.  All the time.  As a result, I have a really nice dress that I can only wear at home (we only have heating on in one room), or outside.


I wore it to the supermarket one Sunday and just about died of heat exhaustion.  The fatal flaw is, of course, that whilst you can wear a layer under a sweatshirt, and remove said sweatshirt if you go into a building that’s overheated (ie anywhere over about 17°C / 63°F), you can’t really do that with a dress.  Not without scaring small children, anyway.


The fabric was from Fabricland (great shop, terrible website….although at least it’s not flourescent yellow anymore) in Bournemouth, I bought it specifically for this pattern last time we were down south.  It’s a loop-back sweatshirt fabric (it’s called tracksuiting on the website…they have a lot more colours online now than when I was in the shop) and is really nice and soft.  It’s a nice weight too, with a bit of drape which I like but enough body to hold the collar and skirt shapes.  The purple tab, welts and pocket lining are cut from scraps left from my Lola dress – a bamboo/cotton french terry.


You can just about see the princess seam shaping on the back here.  This version is a little bit too big, I think, but it’s super comfy and seeing as I can’t really wear it out and about that’s not the end of the world.  I went with the larger size range, designed for a C cup rather than a B, but I was right in between the two different ranges and I think I could afford to size down if I make this again.

I actually love this dress, even though it’s effectively pyjamas / ‘loungewear’ – there must be a better word than ‘loungewear’ but I can’t think of one right now!  Of course I couldn’t actually wear it as nightwear, guess what, I’d be too hot.  I bought some fabulous grey / navy double-faced wool jersey at the Knitting & Stitching show in Harrogate a couple of weeks ago and would love to use it for another version of this – I’m trying to resist though because this is a fabric that deserves to shine, not only for wearing at home.

I’d better get back to the sweatshop now, I’m knitting a nativity (or Knitivity) for my parents church.  I’ve got to finish a shepherd boy, an angel’s dress and then knit and finish three wise men.  All before Christmas Eve.  I’ll blog once all the figures are done, but here’s a sneak peek at Mary.


8 thoughts on “Jasper Dress

  1. Ha – Mary is awesome, can’t wait to see the rest! The neckline on that dress looks AWESOME on you (as does the whole dress, but as you say, definitely impractical for you!). You should definitely make something else with that neckline though – it’s gorgeous.

  2. This looks so warm and cozy!! Such a bummer that it’s too warm! I froze my but off the only time I visited Scotland ;). At least it’s nice for wearing around the house, where you could get away without wearing tights.

    • Thanks Heather! It’s a ridiculously mild wihter so far….we’ve only had one frost, and even the wind is a warm wind…..keeping my fingers crossed that it gets a bit colder!

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