A Christmas party dress

One of the pieces of fabric I bought in Harrogate in November was some ridiculously sparkly stuff – my sister got some first, and I couldn’t resist getting some too.  It was cheap – £4 a metre I think – and I knew I wanted to make a dress for the work Christmas party.  Over the last few years I seem to have gradually got rid of anything remotely party-ish out of my wardrobe, and if you can’t wear sparkles at Christmas, when can you?!


Apparently photographing sparkly fabric is tricky!  It’s a metallic, warm, pale gold colour in real life.  The pattern is the Papercut Patterns Flutter dress, my second version of this pattern.  This time I cut a size S, with a larger FBA – 4 cm I think but I’d have to check the pattern piece.  The fabric has a little bit of stretch, so I thought the smaller starting size would work better around the shoulders – my previous version does have a slight tendency to suffer from shoulder slippage.  I think it was a good move, fit-wise – it does feel much more secure around the shoulders.

The only other change I made this time round was to scoop out the neck a bit, and I definitely prefer it on me.


You can see the fabric a bit better here.  I don’t really do sparkly usually, so I was slightly concerned that about being ALL GOLD…..until I had the bright idea to use the wrong side of the fabric as the right side for the neck binding.  It’s just a pale beige-y pink with a lovely crepe texture and it works really well.  Once I’d got the main body assembled I tacked on the sleeves with the right side of the fabric showing and it was just a bit too much – even for a Christmas frock!  So I used the wrong side for the sleeves as well and I think it looks great.  I think if I’d just done sleeves in the plain side it might have looked a bit weird, but the neck binding being the same definitely ties it together.


As we know I love the back of this dress pattern – I’m pretty proud of the matching at the V on this version, I knew it would need to be pretty accurate with the contrast binding and I managed it perfectly!

I’m hoping that with the contrast sleeves, this is a dress I can wear to many occasions – I think if I’d gone with the ALL GOLD look (trust me, it shouted) it would definitely have been a Christmas-only dress and that seems a shame.

Short and sweet today, next up blog-wise I have an enormous monster of a lace shawl to tell you about.  I just need to work out how to take pictures of it – there isn’t a floor space in my flat to lay it out, I had to block it on my parents’ living room floor while they were on holiday.  I always find it tricky photographing lace as well, you need the right background and good light I think – and the latter is in pretty short supply in Edinburgh at the moment.  It feels like we’ve not seen proper daylight for months, really hoping that the forecast cold snap includes some lovely crisp, sunny, winter days.


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