Amber trousers

So far this year we haven’t seen much in the way of summer in Edinburgh, but I recently found myself with an urge to make some summer trousers.  I wanted something flowy and loose-fitting, and I considered a few different patterns, but pretty much everything I looked at had an elasticated waist, and it’s just not a good look on me.  Then somewhere, probably Instagram, I saw the Amber Trousers from Paprika Patterns.  They were perfect, with a lovely flat yoked front, and this project jumped straight to the top of my queue.


I only seem to have one picture without my hands in my pockets……

I was a good girl and made a toile first, from some cheap polyester which is in the stash for just such purposes.  It was intended to be a wearable toile, but I got myself confused and ended up fusing interfacing to the outside of the pocket, rendering them decidedly unwearable.   I thought I had taken some pictures but if I did, I can’t find them……I seem to be getting more and more like my dad recently, including the absent-mindedness…..

Anyway, the fit was pretty good – I cut a size 7, based on my hip measurement – I just had to take the waist in a few inches.  My adjustment was just a wedge taken out of the side seams of the yoke, very unscientific (as usual), but did the trick.


The yokes fit really well now, and achieve that flattering flat front look I was after.  I really like the pleats, too, there’s just the right amount of fullness.  They fit well at the back as well:


They definitely skim the hips and bum, rather than clinging, which again is exactly what I was looking for in a summer trouser pattern.  There’s always the danger with a drapey fabric that all the lumps and bumps are highlighted…..

Speaking of the fabric, this was a particularly treasured piece from the stash.  I know, it’s blue again, what can I say?  I don’t wear black, or white, so I tend to use grey and blue as my neutrals of choice.  If you can describe blue as a neutral?   It was actually an incredibly lucky charity shop score – I think I paid about £6 for a length of just over two metres.  When I bought it, I thought it was some kind of peachskin / microfibre-type fabric, so I just bunged it in the washing machine straight away – I try to do this with all my fabric as I buy it so I know that things have been pre-washed.  When I ironed it, the texture felt decidedly silk-like, so I did a burn test and I’m 99% sure that it is, indeed, pure silk.  It feels fabulous against the skin.


These closer-up pictures show the texture of the fabric, too.  It’s got a sand-washed silk feel to it, but with a pattern in the weave whereby some parts are less sand-washed and smoother – in particular you can see the rosette-type shapes which are much more reflective on camera.  They’re not actually the darker shade of blue they look like, it’s just that they are shinier.  The texture contrast is more subtle in person.

The trousers fasten with an invisible zip in the side seam.  I’m pretty pleased with how it went in….see it?


How about now?


It went in first try as well, which I was pleased about as I wasn’t sure how well the fabric would take any ripping out.  It’s fairly sturdy as silk goes though, I didn’t find that pins left any obvious marks, but I pinned in the seam allowance just to be on the safe side.  It was a bit shifty when cutting out, but I didn’t have to resort to the spray starch, just using my cutting mat and rotary cutter rather than shears was fine.

I’m really pleased with how these turned out.  They’re dead comfy, but they look like I’ve made a bit of an effort thanks to the luxe fabric.  My favourite comment from a friend at work was that ‘they look like you could have bought them from Harvey Nicks’.  High praise indeed!





14 thoughts on “Amber trousers

  1. Excellent yoke seam matching up too! These are fab. And if I can wear orange as a neutral, then you can wear blue. Denim is a neutral, after all!

  2. They fit you perfectly, the front with pleats are great and the back view is so flattering with the yoke, I need some of these!! I’ve looked at several patterns but like you the elastic waist has always put me off. I wear blue as my neutral too, I only own one black little cardi.

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